How to grow your own wild flowers at home

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How to grow your own wild flowers at home

Gardeners and growers don't need much space to plant wild flowers, which will attract bees, butterflies and other pollinators. You can either plant seeds or wild flower plugs in areas of lawn or spaces in flower borders. Some plants will thrive better in different soil conditions, so it's best to check before you buy. 

How can I grow wild flowers in my garden?

The best thing you can do to encourage wild flowers is to leave lawns (or part of them) uncut from mid-spring to summer. 

How do I get a good mix of wild flowers?

To improve the diversity of wild flower species in your lawn you should always remove the cuttings after mowing and avoid using fertilisers.

What’s the best way to sow wild flower seeds?

To introduce new flowers into the lawn it’s best to create open areas of soil through raking (and ideally turf removal) before sowing wild flower seeds. 

Which flowers should I grow?

The choice of flower seed mix is very important. Stick to locally growing native species suitable for your soil conditions, and avoid any invasive non-native plants which may cause harm to your local ecosystem.